The intention of the campaign is to organize a Healthcare Excellence award to thanks and recognise those who spend their days and nights taking care and making sure that Cameroonians enjoy a quality life as far as health is concerned.
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Pan-Africa Health Initiative (Pan-AFHI)
Pan-Africa Health Initiative (Pan-AFHI) is a Pan-African Organization working for a quality and better health system for Africans. Pan-AFHI seeks to go beyond addressing the consequences of poor health by understanding, challenging and changing the conditions that cause poor health and exclusion through a Pan African Program that unites practical work, research and advocacy. Pan-AFHI believes that people have a right to quality and better health care systems as a basic human need as stated in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG3), thus we work in a common course for the poor and marginalized including Rural Communities who have been denied and/deprived or simply for some reason or another do not have access to their rights to basic and/or quality health services, to help them understand, challenge and change these conditions. Pan-AFHI’s response to the health challenges of Africa is firmly based on a belief that people themselves are the agents of change and actors of their own development. People’s ability to take action on the causes of poor health is what will transform Africa’s future especially our health system. This belief underpins Pan-AFHI’s practical work, its research methodologies and advocacy. Pan-AFHI will work in partnership with local Civil Society Organizations (CSO) and communities and in alliance with other International and continental organizations in Africa and the rest of the world to achieve its aims and objectives.
All African communities and people will have access to quality, effective and efficient health services and within a developed health system.
The mission of Pan-AFHI is to work with community leaders, civil society organizations, international community, local and central governments to get quality health service delivery to all communities, especially disadvantaged areas to achieve the goal of quality and healthy life for every African.
Headquarter: Continental: Yaoundé, Cameroon.
Contact: +237 670633706/669726404 Email: [email protected] Website:
The Cameroonian government has over the years been putting lots of efforts to make Cameroonians have the best of healthcare and health services at their disposal. We appreciate these efforts and in this program wish to recognize directly those who work at the hospitals and the hospitals themselves for the beautiful and priceless services they render to improve and save the lives of Cameroonians. In this program, we intend to celebrate that healthcare and service providers who uphold the Cameroonian value of excellence in the health sector. Considering the conditions of healthcare providers in Cameroon and the many opportunities that lie open for them in other countries far better than what Cameroon and its environment offers, they have made up their mind to serve and make their careers in Cameroon and Pan-African health initiative has taken upon themselves to celebrate some of them which the society holds first hand in the sector.
Our organization has taken an initiative to organize a HEALTHCARE EXCELLENCE AWARD 2018 in Cameroon. The basic aim of this event is to analyze how these institutions and individuals function and/or is being managed while at the same time motivating the government and institutions to push harder for more excellence in the public and community health domain. Our team intends to place a platform for perfect and innovative healthcare services to the Cameroonian population in order to serve them in a greater honor. Based on research, conducted by our organization and the votes coming in from the public, winners will be announced only following feedback and following the proper process of survey and verification. Healthcare is one of the most needed factors for a countries development reasons why the UN in its SDG’s considers health as a basic human need. Thus to enable human satisfaction we aim at celebrating those medical personnel who have excelled in their services to the public in Cameroon. Individuals will be allowed to nominate their institutions and medical professionals they master best so that we can take time to research and put the list up for voting.
The healthcare award Cameroon will help us build a distinct image of our Cameroonian healthcare systems and health institutions in the international market. We intend to do this on regular bases such that each time we do so medical personnel will feel honored and be ready to take up the coat of perfect services to their patients and customers. The award ceremony will make a difference in the outcome from your target audience. Healthcare in Cameroon is one of the most highlighted issues in Cameroon. So we provide a symbol of credibility as the awards go to the award winning institutions with all systems of objectivity which can be verified in case of any alarm of fraud.
The award ceremony will be held reputed environment. Reputed celebrities from different backgrounds and industries will be present to honor the winners. Healthcare innovations awards not only motivate the winner but provide a platform to enhance their services and satisfy their large number of clients.
To provide a platform to celebrate excellence in the domain of heath and healthcare services.
To coordinate keep the public informed of the beautiful services and efforts the Cameroon government and its partners put in place to provide Cameroonians with quality healthcare.
To motivate healthcare providers to continue with the best in service provision.
To sell the Cameroonian best brains in various domains of health to the international community.
To bust the health industry thereby making them to work for the best.
To appreciate those who spend a greater percentage of their time with the sick striving to save their lives and make them have hope plus a reason to live.
To put a platform where the Cameroon government will have the opportunity to shorn evil in the professional domain of health and encourage best practices in the various hospitals.
Best and longest serving general practitioner.
Brain injury clinic/hospital.
Chest clinic/hospital
Cancer hospitals
Blood bank clinic/hospital
Dental clinic/hospital
Diabetes clinic/hospital
Mental disorder clinic/hospital
HIV/AIDS and TB clinics and hospitals.
Surgical clinic/hospitals
Physiotherapy clinic/hospital.
Longevity in service hospitals/clinics.
Best combiner of traditional and modern method of healing center
Bone surgeon
Cancer specialist.
Dental and/or dental implant specialist.
Eye specialist.
Infertility specialists.
Psychiatric specialists.
Speech and hearing disorder.
Cervical disorder.
Vascular diseases.
Traditionalist practitioner
Building design.
Inpatients facility.
International healthcare.
Primary care design.
Community healthcare.
Estates and facility management.
Use of financial resources to improve the healthcare estate.
Use of existing Estate facilities facilities.
Management partners

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